Note — Written this article assuming that you have an independent API automation framework which are pointing to micro-services/product application.

The code coverage plays a very important role while doing QA and product automation , isn't it? Lets see — why it is important to rely on code coverage report.

SDET and QA functional tester both are claiming that they have covered all functional features automation and it’s test cases. (let’s say they have claimed 90%) . They have decided to execute the code coverage to prove their claim and interestingly the coverage report was showing only 55%. …

The QA has now become a developer. Definition of the QA has been changed ,isn’t it? QA Engineer is now equally responsible to write the parallel wrapper on top of the developers code to get the good tests coverage. It could be in any form of automation like front end , backend, database or anything…

Automation engineer has to put a cap of architect to decide about the tools, technologies ,languages , integrations and other so many things to produce reliable automation framework.

Content –
2.Lets create the sample project
A. Maven
B. TestNG
4.Define POM file
5.Define TestNG suite file
6.Its time to code
7.Here we…

Abhijit Valvekar

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